Move Out & MOD Cleaning

Jay-kleen have helped many a household move out of their premises , even helping pack their belongings.  Each room will be emptied , then cleaned to a professional standard that is required.


If you’re moving and leaving M.O.D accommodation, we understand how important it is for you to have the property in tip-top shape so you pass the final march out inspection and inventory check.

If you fail to meet the standards required, it can often result in unnecessary charges and ultimately causing a situation that is beyond your control.

A list is given below of an example of the Standard Required for March Out Clean.


General Cleaning

  • Carpets Hoovered, stain free throughout and free of infestation (where pets have been living).
  • Floors Clean and free of marks.
  • Radiators No dust or finger marks, in front or behind.
  • Walls No stains or marks, except where picture hooks are left by agreement.
  • Woodwork No dust or finger marks.
  • Windows & Frames Glass clean inside and out and all parts of the frames to be clean, free of mildew / mould, and all visible parts of the frame should be visibly clean when the window is open.


  • Bath, Sink & WC Clean and free of lime scale, inside and out.Taps and underside of sink, clean and polished. Tiles No finger or splash marks and free from mildew / mould between the tiles.


  • Cookers Grease free inside and out and free of carbon deposits. Cooker hoods and filters should be clean and grease free. Cooker Frame & Clean and grease free, underneath and behind. Surrounds Work Surfaces Clean (including edges and underneath) Tiles No finger, splash or grease marks. Sink Clean and free of limescale, inside and out.


  • Gardens Tidy, with grass cut, hedges trimmed and flower beds weed free. Paths Swept, weed free & clean. Garages Swept, empty and free of cobwebs. Garden Rubbish None anywhere (you are required to dispose of it prior to Move Out)
  • Rubbish Bins Empty and clean inside and out. Sheds Swept, empty and clean, free of cobwebs.

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